How to Cure Bad Breath With Oxygen and Aloe Vera

It is possible to go on and on not knowing how to cure bad breath.  This is not surprising due to the many products that don’t work.  There is only one way to get rid of bad breath and that is to use the expert of a professional like Dr Katz.  He has created a line of products with a patented method of adding oxygen.  He is steadfast in telling sufferers there is an effective way to fight halitosis because he knows what it is.

Sufficient oxygen in the mouth prevents bad bacteria from increasing and producing sulfur.  Sulfur is a gas that makes the breath smell bad.  If it is severe enough you will also have a bad taste in your mouth.  A sign of not having enough oxygen is if you have a dry mouth.  Too little saliva means too little oxygen.  A good example of this is when you wake up in the morning with a dry mouth.  The result is the dreaded early morning bad breath.

Dr Katz also advocates the use of Aloe Vera.  He uses the whole leaf variety.  The Aloe Vera increases the body’s aptitude to make collagen.  The collagen is responsible for reinforcing gums that are weak and inflamed so they can heal fast.  Gums that bleed can result in bad breath.  The reason is blood is a protein and this protein is food for the sulfur producing bacteria.

In the same way that blood is food for the bacteria so is the food debris that remains trapped between the teeth.  It is the bacteria that breaks down the particles of food and cause it to decompose.  It is important to brush and floss regularly.  You can make it even more effective by using Dr Katz’s TheraBreath gel, mouthwash and drops because they contain both oxygen and Aloe Vera.  Read about how to cure bad breath for good in The Bad Breath Bible.

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