Cures for Bad Breath: Are They Temporary or Permanent?

We are told there are many cures for bad breath.  However, it is important to understand that cure means to restore to good health.  The vast majority of these cures are really only temporary solutions.  They are products or home remedies that do not get rid of the problem.  They mask the awful symptom of bad breath for a short time.  These products are usually in the form of chewing gum or a mouthwash.

There are many theories about what causes breath smell bad.  We all know that if we eat onion, garlic or strong cheese it is going to affect the breath.  For some people all that is necessary to remedy this is to brush the teeth and rinse the mouth.  For many of us the bad breath is permanent.  Avoiding certain foods does not improve our breath and brushing a hundred times a day does not help.

It is still believed that one of the cures for bad breath is to clean out digestive system.  Unfortunately, many of us have tried this and it does not get rid of the problem.  There is a very good reason why these so called cures do not work.  Bad breath or halitosis is mainly caused by bacteria.  To be more precise, bacteria that builds up because it increases inside the mouth.

A sure way of the bacteria increasing is if you don’t brush your teeth.  Poor oral hygiene will lead to more and more bacteria thriving on the food debris left in the mouth and between the teeth after eating.  Brushing is only part of the cures for bad breath that has been created by TheraBreath.  If you want to know more then take the time to read a free book called The Bad Breath Bible.  You will find information that is accurate.

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