Bad Breath Remedy: What About It?

There are degrees of bad breath.  Some of us have permanent bad breath while others have bad breath occasionally.  However, most of us do have breath that smells bad first thing in the morning or after enjoying foods with onion and garlic.  Before deciding on a suitable bad breath remedy it is important to know what causes the breath to smell bad.  The answer is simple.  Bad breath is caused by specific bacteria that grow inside the mouth.

It is due to bacteria that it is necessary to brush after eating.  It’s not enough to just brush your teeth.  You also have to brush your gums and your tongue.  Most people do not realize that the highest levels of bacteria are underneath the tongue and also in the throat.  When you know these facts you realize that an ordinary brushing routine is not going to be comprehensive enough to get rid of bad mouth odor.  You have to find a bad breath remedy that is a complete routine.

An expert will tell you to scrape the tongue with a special device before brushing.  You do this to get rid of the layer of mucous that covers the top of tongue.  This layer is what protects the bacteria that result in your bad breath.  The scraping device must be rinsed and then with a tiny amount of gel or paste scrape the tongue again.  For the very best results use TheraBreath because it contains the patented Oxyd-8 ingredient.  To get more information on a suitable bad breath remedy use The Bad Breath Bible.

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Photo Credit: VolaVale

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